2 abstract face


The first face sports an ensemble that defies convention, with asymmetrical lines and a burst of vibrant colors that dance harmoniously on the canvas of her outfit. The fabric drapes like an artist’s masterpiece, swaying with effortless grace as she moves through the world. In this abstract portrayal, she embodies a fearless spirit, unafraid to challenge the norms and embrace her own unique style.

The second face exudes an air of elegance combined with an edge of mystery. Her clothing whispers secrets through delicate lace and sheer fabrics that trail along her silhouette like ethereal wisps. A monochromatic palette sets the stage for subtle nuances and the intricate textures that create an intriguing visual narrative. This abstract representation of her brings a sense of allure, captivating the eyes and sparking curiosity in those who catch a glimpse.

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Model is 180cm and wearing size One Size.


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