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Imagine a flowing and elegant garment, crafted with utmost precision and creativity. The fabric glimmers like moonlight reflecting on a calm lake, as it synergistically merges two worlds – the timeless essence of the East and the shimmering allure of silver. Embracing minimalism with a touch of mystique, the suit effortlessly drapes the body, accentuating its curves and angles in harmonious symmetry. The silver material, delicate yet resilient, forms a tantalizing fusion of grace and strength. It entwines tradition and modernity, a testament to the spirit of innovation and the reverence for the past. This Asian suit is not just an ensemble; it is an artistic masterpiece that encapsulates the beauty of cultural heritage through the transformative power of silver.

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Available only in showroom! Give us a call us for more details.




100% Linaceae


Model is 180cm and wearing size S.


1-3 days working days. Orders are dispatched only on weekdays.

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