Short jeans and top pocket


In this abstract vision, imagine the fusion of two realms: the timeless elegance of jeans and the vibrant energy of orange. As threads intertwine with artistic precision, they create a harmonious tapestry of creativity. The sturdy fabric of jeans forms the foundation, symbolizing durability and familiarity. It resonates with confidence and resilience. Across this denim canvas, bursts of orange applications emerge like rays of sunlight dancing upon a canvas. These vibrant accents serve as a gateway to express individuality and audacity. Draped within the realm of short pants, this amalgamation embodies a unique embrace of style, seamlessly blending the iconic with the unexpected. It becomes a statement piece, evoking a sense of adventure and igniting a flame of imaginative self-expression.

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100% Cotton


Model is 180m and wearing size S.


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