Three Quarters


Three quarters pants made with jeans are a harmonious fusion of comfort and street style. They embody a clever reinterpretation of traditional long jeans, adapted to cater to the versatility and adaptability of the modern fashion landscape. The abstract nature of these pants lies in their ability to straddle the line between short and long, imbued with a sense of creative ingenuity and sartorial ambiguity. They seamlessly blend the rugged durability of denim with the casual allure of cropped pants, resulting in a garment that defies conventional categorization. These pants become a wearable canvas for individual expression, encouraging the wearer to embrace innovation and stand out from the crowd. From a more poetic perspective, they are the embodiment of fashion’s constant evolution—a fragmented reflection of our desire to push boundaries and create something new from the familiar.

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100% Cotton


Model is 178cm and wearing size M.


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